human body

Wha's Under the Skin

Picture like this are highly disturbing.

Whenever the real workings of something are exposed, it is usually unsettling.

No wants to believe that all this lies under our clothes and skins.

In fact it is rather disgusting to think that all these things reside inside us, unseen.

Much is the same with San Miguel.


What's Under the Skin

There is a crew that maintains San Miguel Disney when that happens, for some residents and tourists it is akin to the day they found out Santa Claus didn’t exist.

Yes San Miguel is a set and every so often the film crews come to film the actors and then use the footage for training and rehearsal videos for new actors.


Training Film for San Miguel Actors March 2009

think about it. San Miguel doesn’t just happen. There are a lot of people behind the scenes creating the magic. They are like the lungs and heart. They work away unseen creating the tableaus that are San Miguel


Some of the Many People who Make San Miguel Happen