Photographs in the Jardin fall into one of three categories

Entering the Jardin
Doing the Jardin
Leaving the Jardin

There are Four Corners to enter and leave from
Canal and Hidalgo
Umaran and Cuna de Allende
San Fransisco and Relox(j)

corners of the Jardin

The Four Corners of the Jardin

halos san miguel

The Parroquia

These corners are the Gates to Magic .

When you first enter the Jardin you will glimpse what at first you think is the Magic Castle of Disney Land but it is only the Parroquia.

The Parroquia is the source of all Magic in San Miguel.

Iron bench

The Iron Benches of the Expats

To experience the magic move quickly to the Iron Benches upon which sits the Expats of San Miguel, The Magicees of San Miguel, as it were.

As you sit you will find there  on the Iron Benches you will find there is so much do to in the Jardin.


Doing Good Works in the Jardin

There will be table after table of Expats Doing Good Works.

There will be Balloon and Toy vendors (Dollar Store on a Stick).

There will be itinerant vendors of vanilla and hats.

Beggars abound.

Cute little local children run around chasing pigeons.

At the end of your day, you will gather your purchases and exit though one of the Four Gates, surfeited with magic and eager to return the next day.


Leaving the Magic by Gate Three (Umaran and Cuna de Allende)