mex lamp

Original Lamps

Mexicans artesanos have a knack for making art out of unusual materials – corn husks, reeds, onyx, and fabric are among the many, many media used to create unique art.  And the subject matter can be local or mystical or just for the tourists.

The influx of expats gangs in San Miguel, over  the years, has created a new inspiration for artesanos.  Artesanos are fascinated by apparel and look of Gangs almost as much as Expats are fascinated by local Mexican fashions.   While Expat Gangs use the camera to capture “local color” the artesanos use art to capture what they call “Foreign Color” or Gringo Madness

It all started with the Mojigangas.  This was the first time  Expats images appeared as Folk Art.

expat lamp 2 copy
Expat Lamps

But soon more Expat Folk Art began to appear in Local Mexican Markets in Gringo Free Areas.  Mexicans just love to collect these new art forms.

One of the most popular is the Tiffany Lamp Lady.  Mexican children love to turn on and turn off the Expat Lady and laugh as she lights up and goes dark much like the Expat Ladies in the Jardin.

This is a new movement in SMA and only a few images have been translated into Folk Art but the glow you can see in Gringo Free Zones from the Expat Lamp is growing stronger.


expat book ends copy

Expat Parasol Bookends

Another popular area of Expat Folk Art is the Bookend Series. Combining a love of books with Expats, this art project started as a fund raiser for the Biblioteca. Demand soon exceeded supply and the Expat Bookend Series was created

expat bookends2-1 copy

Expat Dressed Bookends


expat katarina

Day of the Dead Personalized Expat Statues

The Personalized Day of the Dead Expat Statues are giving to each Facelift patient in San Miguel.

As new Expat Gang Art is found it will be highlighted on this blog