dog-visorsWhat is cuter than dressing your little pooch in a visor? Sun does get in their sensitive eyes and these visors protect them.

And when you play poker, having these little poker whizzes on your lap simply adds to the fun of the game.



Poodle Visor

Imitation is supposedly the sincerest form of flattery but in San Miguel imitation is simply the search for uniqueness. Gangs takes inspiration from so many things – flowers, childhood tales, household items. This new gang instead of dressing dogs to look like them, dress themselves to look like their dogs.  Out with the Straw Hat and in with the Visor.

Helen has chosen the Poodle Visor for shopping.


Dog visor4

Outdoor Hunting Dog Visor

Ray has chosen the Hunting Dog Visor for his outdoor look

dog visor3

Balloon Visor

Rose takes her inspiration from the Balloon Vendor and her dog Balloon.

If you talk to anyone in a visor then remember to ask about the welfare  of their dog.   Well you won’t really have to ask as the dog will be yapped at their feet trying to escape and get rid of that terrible visor their owner has made them wear.

It must be so embarrassing to be a dog in San Miguel