The Tuesday Market sells lots of stuff, including very cheap movies.

pirated disks

And therein lies one of the moral dilemmas of San Miguel de Allende – buy or not. Well, a moral dilemma for some.
pirated disks 3

I used to buy crap copies of movies I didn’t want from the Tuesday market. Now I get titles I wanted in better quality. Hmm let me think about it. I’m really worried about people in movies not getting their royalty checks or the Mexican police hauling me off when I’m a starving artist in Mexico.

So the conflict begins between the starving artists and those who collect royalties. Yet, there are more than these people involved in this dilemma. This in a San Miguel In Joke but look at the map and explain what you can buy at the cafe shown by the orange square.
cafe etcetera2

As with any moral dilemma there are two sides – the liberal artists who lives off royalties against the socialist fighting injustice and big corporations. Where would poor Michael Moore land on this issue.

Does this mean there are thieves San Miguel – copyright thieves who don’t view themselves thieves but liberators?

This, as with all things in San Miguel played out on the Civil list. One of the first to weight in was someone who gets royalities.

copyright-symbol-International Copyright law forbids the duplication of any copyrighted material. Period. To do so is called stealing. To do so and then sell those pirated discs, regardless of where or when, simply compounds the act of stealing. You are selling (or buying) something that does not belong to you. All the obfuscation and self-justification in the world cannot hide that simple fact. Shoplifting is stealing. Plagiarism is stealing. Copying and selling pirated discs is stealing. Supporting the shops in town that sell pirated discs is supporting stealing.

An untrained leftist lawyer weights in

Just because an action may be a violation of U.S. copyright laws does not mean that it is a violation of copyright laws in all other countries. However, the U.S. is strenuously trying to make it so by pushing other countries to bring their copyright laws more in alignment with U.S. copyright laws.

And then a satisfied leftists customer speaks.

I bought 2 movies from (name withheld) and they were of excellent quality. He even bought a movie I couldn’t find anywhere off the I tunes store. I offered to pay for it and he gave it to me for free but kept it in his collection. I think what he is doing is awesome so get off his back. If you don’t want a service on here simply don’t use it. Too many high horse riders on here giving nice people flack. Can’t we just all get along. This can apply to many other posts circulating at the present time.


I believe you’re missing the point here. The quality of the pirated DVD has no bearing on the fact that it’s illegal, that you’re literally stealing money from artists or actors who have spent many years perfecting their craft, and if you condone that, you probably never, ever get mad when someone cuts in front of you while you’re waiting in line or when someone steals from you! I’m not there yet.

Then one of the Pirates speaks up

Those guys are copying copies of copies. In Mexican law you can copy it if you own an original, I don’t own a store or a stand where I sell them. I copy them for friends. I have a great lawyer that keeps me informed on my rights. I’m a huge movie, TV. and music fan. With the little money I make I just buy more movies to add to the collection that I share with everyone. If you buy a movie from me with the profit most of the time I get another movie you haven’t been able to find. I own all the originals I didn’t copy them from Blockbuster or Netflix. Its very easy to copy a movie. But what about a movie that Blockbuster or Netflix doesn’t have??? I have all of those hard to get titles that you cant find here or on Netflix. And you can get more that 2 at a time.

Then comes a little voice


I don’t know what the Mexican copyright laws are but I do know every so often..a bus pulls up to the Tuesday market with police type men and removes the cd’s and dvd’s and the owners and take them away on the bus. I have been there when they have done that.

The debate soon changes to economics and Robin Hoodism

pirated disks 2

Oh my…. the DVD debate. I can only add that if the movie industry would stop charging more than $20 US for a DVD, stop charging more than $12 per person at the theatre (in Canada) and if they would stop paying tens of millions of dollars to the stars…. maybe there wouldn’t be such a temptation to find an alternative source for movies… legal or not. I agree with the person who said I am not so concerned about the loss of revenue to the makers of these movies… they already overcharge grossly for their products and make HUGE profits for their pockets. I buy them at the stores in Canada and I buy them at the Tuesday market and I sleep at night. It’s all relative.

The Artists quips back..

A lot of people depend on the income from royalties and residual payments based on legitimate sales of our work. If you want to see a movie, please buy or rent the disc. I will thank you, my colleagues will thank you, and eventually my heirs will thank you.

Finally someone admits they steal and feel justified.

mm cinemaI already GIVE the industry my full support by attending a ridiculous amount of movies at the theaters – primarily MM right here in SMA, and by subscribing to HBO, Netflix, etc. Some of those movies cheat ME of my hard-earned money. Therefore, I have no qualms of conscience if I should choose to buy a copy of some movie on the cheap – supporting my local SMA Mexican entrepreneur; and, 2. I DON’T CARE!!! about your industry-sponsored version of morality.

Are there thieves in San Miguel? Is this an organized gang of Copyright Thieves?