My friends in San Miguel are always terrified that a picture of them will appear on my blog, capturing them at a moment they would like to forget. I honour their friendship by not making them subjects of posts, however, when a friend dies you want to honour their uniqueness – the quality that made them a friend in the first place.

Joe Stiffler was one of those friends who died, yesterday, in San Miguel. I met Joe at party and he was interesting, fun and colourful from the get go.

Joe Stiffler

Joe Stiffler

Joe always wore clothes like those in the picture – bright colours and those great big dark glasses and a permanent tan. He used to say that his full time job was getting a tan.

This picture was taken at a roof pouring party for Joe’s new house that was one street up from where we lived.

He had style.
He had opinions.
He was unique.

joesI will miss not having him one street up next year.

I was told that he didn’t go for a heart transplant as he felt someone with a family would need it more. That is selflessness of a kind I wish I had.

Also read Babs of San Miguel on Joe and his big house warming party last week.

His good friend Billie Mercer had a wonderful post on what made us all so smile about Joe and his ways.

Since the original post, I have had several wonderful emails and comments from his family giving me even more insight to how adored this man was and how kind Joe was and in particular to his mother Lois and family.  He left a lot of good Karma behind.   But there was a wicked side to Joe too,  such as the reason he told a Computer Store salesperson in Houston, for buying a computer.  That twinkle in his eye always told you that something interesting would soon be said.

I had an email from a younger cousin of Joe’s.  To him, Joe was a model of sophistication  in Montana and Wyoming.  He said that Joe reminded him of the Silva Thin Man for the old cigarette  ads and sent me this picture.

untitled-4 copy

Joe - The Silva Thin Man