The Expat Experience in San Miguel is often puzzling.  There are clubs and organizations that mimic clubs and organizations at home.  One such organization in San Miguel is the Garden Club.

This is the puzzling part.  Since everyone in San Miguel has a gardener why would you need a Garden Club?

What could you possibly learn at a Garden Club that your gardener wouldn’t know unless he is a really bad gardener?  Should this club be renamed The Bad Gardener Club?

Or is it possible that it really isn’t a garden club at all but something else.  A search of  The Website shows pictures of Gardens, and each newsletter highlights a Plant and every so often someone gets a Sweet Pea Award but there appears to be a lot of attention to trips, refreshments and parties and the Greening of San Miguel.

This club seems to be yet another Good Works Gang or simply a social club with a horticulture/environmental theme.  There is a story circulating, that may or may not be true about an incident in The Garden Club.

There was an event called the Herb Luncheon. It is said that one such member became so distraught over her lack funds, and her unlikely rise to president, that she had her maid put some herbs into the brownies for one of the luncheons. The ensuing raucously fabulous time became a bit too raucous for some members that the said member was gingerly asked to remove herself from this particular gang and form one of her own.

It appears that potting took on a whole new meaning for The Garden Club.

It suggest that wonderful line by Dorothy Parker

You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think.


The Garden Club 2007 Calendar

Enough gossip, back to Good Works and the Greening of San Miguel.  This Good Works Gang has traditionally sold a calendar to raise funds to Green San Miguel but it appears that a new fund raiser was in the works from this article found in Atencion on April 2008.

Instead of creating a calendar this year, the Garden Club will make a packet of tear-out postcards featuring photographs of San Miguel and its people. The postcards will showcase 16 photos from contest entries and past photo winners.

The period for entering photos begins now and continues through May 9. Proceeds from postcard packet sales will be used for beautification and education projects within the San Miguel community.

Photo winners will receive five postcard packets and will be invited to the Garden Club’s annual luncheon.

Entry guidelines:

  • The contest is open to everyone—resident or visitor, professional or amateur.
  • A maximum of five submissions per person is allowed.
  • If you are submitting your entries in digital format, their resolution must be at least 300 DPI.
  • Negatives unaccompanied by prints are not eligible.
  • Photos and negatives will returned if your entry includes name, address and telephone number. CDs will not be returned..
  • All entries must include a title for the submission and the photographer’s name for credit in the postcard packet.

The intention was there but something went horribly wrong.  No Calendar appeared for 2009 as Babs has corrected in a comment

calendar girls

Calendar Girls

Someone in San Miguel appears to have taken a leaf from the movie Calendar Girls where a Women’s Institute chapter’s fund-raising effort for a local hospital by posing nude for a calendar becomes a media sensation.

This movie was the start of middle aged women across England and the world disrobing for Charity. It appears that it  didn’t take long for the idea to come to San Miguel – Home of the Middle Aged Woman.


The Garden Club 2009 Calendar

The postcard contest stirred many middle aged women to consider a Calendar of themselves in a Calendar Girl pose and use the funds for Good Works..

A 2009 Calendar (hidden under old calendars to protect the young) soon began to circulate in brown paper wrapper in San Miguel.

Those post cards became naughty post cards.

Oh dear, Grannies gone wild again.

Looks like the Greening of San Miguel turned into the Baring of San Miguel.

Where was the Garden Club?  Did some members use flowers to hide their assets?