This is an old post.. but the spirit moved me to repost it again. I am constantly struck by the number of healers and courses on healing in San Miguel but I am unsure how the causation chain works. I know there is a relationship between the number of fast food outlets and obesity and am pretty sure if people ate less fast food they might be less obese but how does sickness work? Are there courses here because people are sick or do the courses make people sick? Are the people in San Miguel really sick? or simply want to be sick to have something to do?

map of sma

Map Showing Key Places in San Miguel

There is one Gang in San Miguel that sets itself apart from all the other Gangs – The Spiritual Gang. This Gang is impossible to find because they are all about the INTERNAL and the ETERNAL. Their only markings are a pure heart and love. Every member of this gang is on his or her Personal Journey to fulfillment so there is no formal gang structure. One place to find some members of this gang is at




LifePath Center

This organization actualizes members with courses in Fulfillment for example

  • Shaman Way: Archetypes and the Underworld. An exiting program exploring the nature of your true self and your Great Work in the world, co-facilitated by a Mexican shaman.
  • God on Your Own. Based on the newly released book, God On Your Own: Finding a Spiritual Path Outside Religion by LifePath co-founder Joseph Dispenza. Now you have the opportunity to experience the book’s inspiring spiritual path firsthand with the author. Facilitated by Joseph and Dr. Beverly Nelson.
  • Divine Feminine: The New Planetary Paradigm. This powerful group experience explores the Partnership Model of Culture, and your place in it.
  • Cosmic Consciousness: Path of the Passion. Follow the Jesus-Hero journey from personal to cosmic consciousness, against the backdrop of San Miguel’s solemn celebration of Semana Santa (Holy Week).


The Spiritual Gang is sometimes call the New Age Gang – and frighten the Old Age people and all other gangs by their obvious connection to something greater than Art and Money. Their lure is obvious.

Hugs or Holy

A hug trumps fire and brimstone and coffee trumps communion wine.

Being connected to a higher power gives this group access to gang ideas that other unconnected gangs can’t get. Imagine Yoga and Spanish.

This Spiritual leader offers Full Service Spiritual Help -Yoga, Feng Shui, Vacation Rental, Tai Chi and Shopping.

And then there are the old standards

This gang is never in the Jardin. They are in a Sanctuary or in the Wilderness or on a Retreat. When they greet you (feel your energy), they will HUG you but be careful because they will use their breathing and their minds to recruit you.

Whatever they eat will be Organic and respectful of the environment.

At night if you look carefully, you can see a few of them floating over San Miguel, propelled by WHOLENESS.

One clue that a member of the Spiritual Gang is afoot and after you, is that they will be holding this book

San Miguel Bible