minstry of smiles

Ministry of Smiles

Tourists and residents of San Miguel are always commenting that in Mexico everyone is happy.  Few know, however,  that this happiness is legislated and enforced.

The Police Cars outside of San Miguel are there not for safety.  They are stationed there to ensure than each local entrant to San Miguel is smiling.  Sad faces are turned away and told to go back and find their smiles.


Testing - One, Two, Three, Four, Five..... Two Million One Hundred

There are also other Ministries in Mexico that few people know about such as the Ministry of Noise.  This function of this department is to ensure appropriate noise levels.

Warnings go out to residents on streets with no boom boxes playing to ramp up the volume.

Planes and cars with loud speakers are sent into San Miguel  to keep the din alive.

The Circus never comes to town, it is a chance for local trucks with Speakers to drive through town and drive the expats crazy.