This is a common sight in San Miguel. Gangs returning home with Stuff.


After a Full Day of Shopping

Looks like they forgot to gather up the pigeon.

Am not sure if they also bought that baby and baby carrier.

In Ontario, Canada we are now charged 5¢ for each bag we need in order to reduce the amount of plastic bags in circulation. Now everyone carries a bag just like San Miguel.

But isn’t the solution not the bag but what is in the bag.

The expression Shop until you Drop is rather strange.  How can buying be that much fun?

Compulsive shopping can temporarily mask a sense of worthlessness. This turns shopping into an emotional problem, indicating a poor sense of self that may require attention from a psychologist. We all buy things for ourselves on occasion; it becomes an issue if we do it regularly and to prop ourselves up.

Compulsive Behaviors are the mainstay of Gangs be they shopping, art collecting, doing good works, rescuing dogs or meeting each day in the Jardin. It is all about purpose and of course filling the hours of retirement.

bag search

Bag Police at Work

Given a problem and a love of the earth, Good Works Gang has come up with a program to help reduce our Carbon Footprint and help people with the Compulsive Shopping Disorder (CSD) – a Double Good Works (DGW).

The Bag Police wander the Jardin to help people who have been shopping compulsively.  When it looks like your Freda Kahlo bag is not full of Organic produce, and/or they suspect CSC, they will stop you and look through your bags..

A good

You don’t need that or that

might not stop the shopping but it does cause people to pause and consider the environment.