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P a t r o n a t o  P r o  N i ñ o s

de  San  Miguel  de  Allende,  A.  C.

Spring Break 2009 in San Miguel de Allende

March 16 – 22, 2009


Spring Break 2009 Schedule:

Day 1 – Monday, March 16

· You will arrive at the Leon Airport (BJX) and be taken to San Miguel for a Welcome Reception where you will meet your Home Hosts (they really want to sell you their house that has been on the market for 2 years) , in whose house you will be staying.

· That evening, you will attend a gala Welcome Dinner at one of San Miguel’s most beautiful homes. (owned by a real estate agent and priced over $1,000,000 US)

Day 2 – Tuesday, March 17

· In the morning you’ll go on a walking tour of San Miguel’s historic center.  San Miguel was designated a World Heritage site this year and on this tour, you’ll see why! (You will be amazed at the amount of houses you walk by that are for sale and the sales pitch from the Tour Guide.  You will only be shown art galleries and jewelry shops and given a brief history of the founding of San MIguel by Stirling Dickenson in 1938)

· Next you’ll attend a delicious comida (luncheon) in another fabulous home.  (Which amazingly will also be for sale)

· This evening, you’ll attend a lovely cocktail party with many of our Board members.(typo Bored Members and after the cocktails you won’t remember much of the rest of the evening nor the offer to purchase you signed)

Day 3 – Wednesday, March 18

· In the morning, you’ll take a ride into the country to visit some of the villages to which we provide medical and dental services.  (Be prepared to mount a donkey)

· Your lunch on this day will be at a lovely home in the countryside near the villages you visited.  (One of you will have bought this house last night)

· We’ve cleared the afternoon for you to shop at some of San Miguel’s wonderful stores!  (If you have ever gone a cruise ship tour, you always end up at some little shop where  the tour guide seems to know the owner very well)

Day 4 – Thursday, March 19

· In the morning, we’ll tour three extraordinary homes and gardens.  (There are no end to the houses for sale in San Miguel.)

· In the evening, we’ve got yet another party for you in yet another extraordinary home! (Need we say more)

Day 5 – Friday, March 20

· This is the morning that you will visit and shop in a nearby town.  Lunch will follow your expedition.  (And an expedition it will be.  You will be given a straw hat, some strange rubber shoes, an artist’s brush, a rug and told it is a treasure hunt.  Whoever buys the best Frog sculpture will be given a prize.)

· This evening you’ll attend another cocktail party and then be free to walk the gardens in the Centro. (Oh dear, night time, outside, strange country, gardens, perverts, drug gangs)

Day 6 – Saturday, March 21

· This is the day that we call Options Day and you can choose from a cooking class, a jewelry tour or a Self-Guided Tours of Folk Art, Churches, or more jewelry.  (Yes Getting Fully Arted in San Miguel)

· This evening it will be time to say goodbye to your new found friends at our elegant Farewell Dinner.  (Here you will be given the deed for the house you bought Tuesday night)

Day 7 – Sunday, March 22

· In the morning, you’ll be taken back to the Leon Airport (BJX) for your return flight to the US.  (A happy house owner in San Miguel and all within the requiste 7 day window of opportunity.)