This is familiar sight on Hollywood Blvd.

Stars are given their own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It recognizes people who achieve stardom and honors them with their own star.

A picture is taken and the Star is not immortal


star dog adopt

Two Point Star

The Doing Good Works Gang believes that individual recognition is selfish given a world of suffering .

To encourage Good Works they have created the San Miguel Star Walk to Get to Heaven.

Each star gives you a suggestion about how to get to heaven while you are in San Miguel. As you walk along the Star Walk, one star will speak to you.

Some stars will get you there faster than others.

star dogs

One Point Star

This is a low level star compared to the brighter star above.
So take a little Walk down the San Miguel Star Walk to Get to Heaven. and find your Star(s)

star english

Four Point Star

star fundraiser

Two Point Star

star funds

Two Point Star

star greening

Three Point Star - World Heritage Star

star maid

Two Point Star - Economics

star mexican

One Point Star - Tourism

star mexican folkart

Two Point Star - The Arts

star pilgrimage

One Point Star - Tourism

star read

Two Point Star - History

star redecorate

Three Point Star - Economics

star spanish

Two Point Star - History