I get email from readers.  Many of my posts spring from these suggestions.  So folks keep those cards and letters coming in.

Here is an edited excerpt from one such email.  I could have done the post but why not give you the email.  It is funnier than what I could write.

Another gang idea for you (but don’t mention my name), inspired by a friend who has a house in SMA. 4 years ago, she and two children spent 2 weeks in Puerta Vallarta with me, before they’d ever heard of SMA and the Civil List. We didn’t make any special arrangements, didn’t warn them about anything, and they survived. Flash forward 4 years, the friend buys a house in SMA and starts to read the Civil List, which warns about the evil that lurks. She insists that Microdyn must be added to bottled drinking water from Ciel and Santorini, because she heard so from the consular agent,who heard it from a physician. (Who heard it on the Grapevine) Might even need to boil water from those garafons, too. Better not eat the lettuce, because soaking isn’t enough, since there are cells within filled with water, maybe even from spurious sources. Using credit cards, which previously presented no problem, is fraught with danger, since all of the clerks at Mega are busy copying down the numbers for spurious transactions. That is, when they’re not putting their thumbs on the scales at the bakery.