I get many questions from readers about whether or not they should come to Mexico.  I also hear the Gangs in San Miguel decry the bad publicity Mexico gets in the United States.  Either Mexico is Heaven on Earth or the most dangerous place in the World to visit.

My Packpack

So here is my personal story about my lost backpack.

I must have four different pieces of carry on luggage.  My computer has dictated my choices of carryon and I ended up with a backpack because I it was lighter and easier to carry about.

This year I found this backpack that had wheels. I am all about wheels.

December 30, we board Air Canada for Mexico City with my backpack, and two pieces of luggage. 

We arrive, clear customs and head to the bus to Queretaro
Instead of taking the local bus to San Miguel, I go to the taxi kiosk and pay for a taxi to San Miguel.
We arrive at our place unload our bags. The landlady is there to go through the house with us and when I return to my bags, the backpack is missing. My passport is in that bag. I do not remember taking it from the back seat.

All I have is this. The receipt from the Taxi Kiosk and mounting panic.
Rosario runs the store across the street and looks after the building we are renting.  She understands what I have lost. Her daughter looked at the tag and pointed to the writing that said – we are not responsible for lost items. Rosario’s brother who lives in the States but was visiting came over with his cell and said who can we call. Everyone started to problem solve.

I go to my roommate’s computer and look up phone numbers for the bus station in Queretaro and how to cancel a passport. I can’t find any number and am prepared to phone the embassy and cancel my passport.

Finally we decide to go up the hill to our friends John and Suzanne because she speaks spanish.

John suggest we phone a taxi driver they used in Queretaro two years ago. Suzanne phones. He is visiting his aunt and asks her to phone back in 5 minutes and he will have the number. She does and he gives us the phone number for the taxi kiosk. We phone it but it is a fax.

John and Suzanne say I have to go to Queretario right now and phone Luis Felipe who arrives within 5 minutes to drive me to Queretaro.  We arrive at the bus station and Felipe and I proceed with the receipt to the taxi line.  Mercifully he speaks to the man. Felipe speaks no English.  Hablo un poco espanol.  The man at the kiosk takes my name, address and a description of the backpack.  We go into the terminal and he finds the taxi number and the name of the driver – 189  Jose Luis Lizardo and the phone number for the taxi kiosk 229 0061.  I should phone in the morning. Felipe and I go back to San Miguel.

I go to bed a bit more assured.  When I awake I email Suzanne with the data.  She says she already has that number and that many offices put the fax on until they open.  Felipe has told me that the office is only open in the morning as it is New Years Eve.  Suzanne says she will keep phoning

I decide to go to breakfast.  When I return there is an email from Suzanne saying they have my backpack however, the driver is not working that day and that I should go to Queretaro and see Sr Ramon Perez in the Parking Lot Caja and pick it up.

I head to the bus station and take the bus to Queretaro.

I find the Parking Caja and Sr Perez. He takes me to a locked locker and there is my backpack with EVERYTHING intact.

He tells me that 80% of all thing left in taxis are returned. I leave a reward for Sr Lizardo and head back to San Miguel very happy.

Moral of the story

Without the Translator Gang, the Guide Gang and the kindness of the people of Mexico, I would not have found my backpack. So come to Mexico.