It is time to join a Gang.   For too long I have sat on the iron benches identifying and classifying Gangs.  New Gangs will always appear but I have decided to get off the Bench and immerse myself in the Art Culture of San Miguel.
My first task was finding my muse.

I realized I was continually searching Google Images for images to go with my posts. Some fitted but most didn’t do what I wanted. So I thought why not learn to draw. I decided not to be held back by my lack of talent. It didn’t seem to stop most people in San Miguel.

The Duck Store

So I found a mystery teacher and he sent me to the Duck Store.

I had never been in an Art Supply Store in my life. It was much like entering a Brothel for the first time. Well actually I have never been in a Brothel but perhaps that will be my next San Miguel Adventure because there is a Brothel in town. Maybe I should start with a Love Motel like another blogger did. But that is another post.

Back to the Duck Store. I was instructed to buy a 18×24 newsprint pad.

It was easy to find.  I paid my money and left the store.

The Artist

I now had my pad.

The rest of the day was simply walking around San Miguel holding my pad in my hand so that everyone could see that I was an artist.

I sat in the Jardin. 

I walked around the Jardin

I walked up the Ancha

I went to Mega

Everywhere I went I carried my pad.

I won’t look like this much longer. This is my pre Artist look

Military Beret

I needed to buy a Beret.

I went on line and found a really Butch Beret but realized that the Military look is so unsanmiguel.

That wasn’t going to work

Golf Beret

I liked this.

But I don’t play golf.

And it looked too Ajijic.

San Miguel Artist Beret

Finally, on line I found one that seems rather San Miguel
The comments have made me rethink the hat. My first venture into Gang wear has led to the suggestion that I am wearing an antenna. I sense a San Miguel Snicker coming on. This will not work but the Wizard of Pátzcuaro has suggested the Basque Beret. I used to think a beret was dorky but he is learned man about the ways of Mexico and if he can wear one, then I must buy one.

And they have a label. I wish I could wear the label on the outside