Well I have my Basque Beret and am thinking of overalls but can’t seem to find any here.

To the Studio

My next task was setting up my studio
There is this little room off my bedroom that was a computer room with a window. I know there is something about art and light so I knew I needed a window.

Studio Luggage

The problem is that we store our luggage there. I am not sure if luggage and art mix.

Now I am faced with my first dilemma as an artist. Is my luggage my baggage? Do I need to remove the luggage and put it in the bedroom.


Arriving at Starbucks

I went to Starbucks with my art pad and Basque Beret and had a latte and pondered.

I could see people looking at me and trying to look at my Art Pad but I haven’t taken the plastic off it yet.

The Latte helped.

The Studio

I decided I needed to keep my baggage in the room. Art had to be difficult and stepping over the baggage would make me realize that what I am doing is supposed to be hard. I must suffer.
So I put my plastic covered Art Pad in the window and put up my paper canvas and then went and had a drink – wine – red wine. Sipping red wine in my Basque Beret was uplifting but I got sad when I thought of my studio.


My New Studio

So I changed things around a bit and now it feels like a studio.