The Opening

I know I am getting ahead of myself but today I was walking in San Miguel in my Basque Beret and I saw an art gallery. I don’t have any art yet but I wanted to see if I could arrange an opening. The Basque Beret would show the Gallery Owner I am an artist so in I went.
It didn’t go well. She asked me a few questions about my media and did I have a portfolio. I said “No” but I am working on it and she threw me out.
That was a bit discouraging. So I went back to my teacher and told him I had to make something for my portfolio.

The Art

I think he had been a bit angry at me because I had spent so much time on finding the right beret and buying my supplies that I hadn’t had time for any art lesson.
So he put a piece of paper up and told me to make lines. I thought that was easy and went artistic. I did circles and lines and swirls until is experienced the Stendhal Syndrome.

The Goats

When I awoke, he made me look at it and say what I saw. I knew if I said circles and lines and swirls he would kick me out like the lady at the gallery so I said I saw two goats talking. He asked me to draw a circle around them

To be honest I didn’t see any goats.  But I knew I had to have an answer.  My great fear was that we was going to ask me to draw them because I am from a city I confuse goats and sheep.

Tonight I am going to look for things I can see in the floor tiles.  I hope it is not goats.  He told me to draw what I saw.  Maybe I should hire someone to do these drawings as I can’t seem to get the hang of it and it is really interfering with my artistic life.  I am hoping to go a cocktail party tonight wearing my Basque Beret.