I am finding being an artist is much more difficult than making art.  In fact I am finding I have very little time for art.


My Basque Beret has come under attack on many fronts. The Wizard of Pátzcuaro says it is not authentic. The Wizard of La Cieneguita says I need a Bavarian Hat

Basque Beret

Bavarian Hats


Bavarian Hat

Then I found this hat when I searched for Bavarian Hats.

To me both hats look dorky and the last one looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. My art teacher keeps telling me to train my eye so until my eye is trained I guess I will have to alternate hats.

Coffee Places

Starbucks SMA

My next Art Trauma was where to have coffee. I was going to Starbucks ordering a Mocha Latte and sitting there in my Basque Beret with my art pad on my lap.

Cafe Etc and Me

Then I was told that I should be in the Cafe Etc. So I hied myself over to the Cafe Etc and when I got there I found they had movies for sale.  I asked Juan if he had movies about Artists and he said Si.  I looked through what he had and bought The Agony and the Ectasy and Lust for Life.  I couldn’t wait to get them home to see what hats they wore and where they drank coffee.  I feel a little less lost with Gauguin and Michangelo to guide me

Michangelo and Me

Gauguin and me