Off with the Rug, the sun has come out.

The Artist has returned. I am down to three layers and feeling arty.

My Art Teacher who I will now call The Maestro is away and left me books about Art to help me progress.

First I had to draw lines, then circles then patterns. What a bore who wants to look at circles.
Then I had to draw string – well thread to be exact.

I am enjoying the setting up for Art a lot more than the actual art.
The book then said I had to draw chairs in different groupings. I spent an hour rearranging the furniture.

My roommate was not to happy as that is his chair covered with chairs. I told him it was Art and he sat on another chair. I think I am intimidating him. He looks at me differently now that I am an Artist.

Perhaps today I will draw the chairs or maybe make another arrangement. It is much easier taking pictures of the chairs than drawing them.

I haven’t been in my studio for days because of the cold and my art is everywhere.

This is  all the paper I have left. The rest I burned to stay warm.

I know it is bad to burn Art but I was so cold.

I am quite excited as today I get to draw hands and as luck would have it. I have two on me. Not sure how to draw a hand if I am using it but I know it will come to me.

Maybe I will just rearrange the chairs again.