The Wizard of Melaque has challenged my concept of suffering through the use of big words – majoritarianism elitism. I had to Google it and found out that it meant

Rule by a majority, esp. the belief that those constituting a simple majority should make the rules for all members of a group, nation, etc

Minoritarianism is the opposite

the tendency of a minority to want an unconditional veto on all issues it considers important


a style and concept in the arts characterized by distrust of theories and ideologies and by the drawing of attention to conventions

No wonder the Wizard of Melaque had to leave Oregon. No one understood a word he said. He is safe in Mexico because he can’t use the big words there as he is just learning Spanish.

I felt a lot better once I understood this. Well I actually didn’t understand any of the terms and have no idea what they had to do with my art but I liked his suggestion that I go to Cocktail Parties here and say I was the former director of the Santa Fe Art Festival. But I had never heard of Santa Fe so back to the Google and I found this.

I found out there was Society of Artists and I was so excited particularly when I found this information on their site.

A vital part of the color, festivity and creativity of Santa Fe, Santa Fe Society of Artists’ juried outdoor fine art shows afford visitors the opportunity to enjoy fine painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture and to meet the artists.

Visitors can take home with them wonderful artwork and the memorable experience of their interaction with its creator

That was what I was missing with my Art – interacting with visitors.

And as luck would have it San Miguel is having a Feria (I think it is some Artist’s thing like the Festivals they have in Santa Fe) today to which I have been invited. San Miguel is just like Santa Fe. I am sure I will find many visitors to interact with there. Just wish I had some art to sell.