The Feria was quite an experience. It was held at the Instituto Allende. It is some big and famous Art School in San Miguel and it was full of Art – all kinds of art.

I had to have the sign translated by someone from the Translation Gang as I didn’t know what it meant at all

Sign for the Feria

Inside are booths staffed by Artists.

Tables before the Art

Salmon and Agave Syrup Vendors

What was amazing was the range of Artists – from jewellers, to painters, to rug weavers, to salmon and agave syrup sellers. I think selling Salmon would be a lot easier than making art. You don’t make the salmon just sell it – sort of like an art middleperson. No is going to ask you if you made the salmon but they are going to ask you if you made the art.
So I walked around a bit and found several galleries and began to fantasize about having my own show

Richard's Show

But the most amazing part was this little white square below each picture with the price. $4500 for a picture.
My heart stopped.
I had no idea you could get that much for Art.



I saw this picture the other day on one of those Art Walls all restaurants have.

Spring Price

They only wanted $95 and I thought that was a high price but imagine getting 50 times more in a gallery.

So I won’t be selling my paintings in a restaurant but only in a gallery but if you want to buy Art then I would suggest a restaurant.