The Rosca de Reyes Van

It was January 6th Three Kings Day in San Miguel.

The same truck was at the corner selling Rosca de Reyes again from the back of the truck. Mary had been waiting all day for the truck to arrive. Last year, that very truck had delivered to her the miracle that had changed her life – two small babies in a Rosca de Reyes.

She approached the truck, much differently this year and bought another Chica Rosca de Reyes but this time she was prepared for the Miracle. She had a Bakery Gynecologist waiting back at her apartment.

Rosca De Reyes

She and the Bakery Gynecologist laid the Rosca de Reyes out on a clean napkin. They both looked at the Rosca de Reyes and knew that a Miracle was about to occur. Mary was going to have two more babies but this time, but by Caesarian Section. .

Six Centimetres Dilated

The Bakery Gynecologist made the first incision, slowly and carefully and removed a piece of the Rosca de Reyes to be examined for babies.  There were no babies in the first piece.  Mary became to worry that it might be  barren Rosca de Reyes but the second incision was more successful.

The Baby Arrives

There poking out from a piece of cake was a Baby. Tears flowed as the Bakery Gynecologist removed the Baby from the Rosca de Reyes and laid it on the napkins for Mary to see.

Safe Delivery

Baby Two Crowns

As the Bakery Gynecologist cut further the second baby began to crown and push his way out of the Rosca de Reyes. Two babies again for Mary on the same day. She wondered what the chances were of twins born one year apart on the same day. This was simple evidence that another Miracle had occurred

Baby Two Arrives


Mary put the placenta in a bag and turned her attention to her new babies.
She was not alone this year as she had been last year and was so glad she had used a skilled Bakery Gynecologist instead of a Midwife Pastry Chef. Her babies were safe in their little Kleenex box.  She started to worry about next year and if maybe she was too old to take responsibility for so many children but there were such quiet placid babies that required very little care.