Another busy day for me in the World of Art.
The Maestro is at me again to draw something.

My Art Pad is quite empty.

I keep telling him that I can’t start drawing until I feel comfortable as an artist so he suggested I go back the Art Supply Store and buy some more supplies.

He believes that if I surround myself with Art Stuff that I will want to draw.

So off I trot again to El Pato (I call it the Duck Store) to buy some supplies.

Art Supplies

I was overwhelmed by all the Art Paraphernalia. Here I thought all you needed was a pencil and some paper.

Look at all that stuff.

So I bought a little bit of everything.

I really like all the colored paper so I bought one of every color.

I bought some paints in neat little tubes.

I bought some brushes and an easel.

Well The Maestro was not too happy with my purchases. He told me that I was enrolled in a drawing class and didn’t need paint or canvases or colored paper.
I don’t really care what the Maestro says, he really doesn’t understand my desire to be an artist.