The Maestro said I had to look at Art. I thought great. That is a lot easier than making it.

So I headed to the Fabrica Aurora.

I think it is the Art Church in San Miguel because it is full of Art and Artists who have Studios where they make Art. There are also people there selling Art. It is sort of like a Food Court of Art.

Imagine my thoughts when I saw this picture.

Spaghetti and a fork?

What kind of art is that? I thought you had to draw Big Things like Churches and ship wrecks and Madonnas.

I didn’t know you could draw food.

Then I found a room full of paper and scribblings. There wasn’t just one sheet but sheet after sheet of scribblings.

It was hung really nicely but there wasn’t a single picture or a person or animal or fruit – just doddles.

I didn’t know you could just scribble on a page.

Then I found another room of expensive paper and sticks I used to make Kebobs on the BBQ and little paper dolls stuck on them. Some even had  jewels glued on them. 

My kids used to make stuff like that and bring it home.

I didn’t know you could use Kebob Sticks and Jewels to make art.

Then I found a room of sculpture and found this one where there were forks sticking out of the guy’s head and a fork in his mouth. This was the second fork thing I had seen that day. I didn’t get it.

What kind of a model would let you stick forks in their head? I thought maybe it was that M and M stuff I had read about and it disturbed me.

I didn’t know you could stick a fork in someone’s head.


Art is a lot more confusing than I thought it was.

My mother would be really upset by this Art as this is what she liked to paint and this is what I thought Art was