“So many men, so little time.”
~ Mae West

It wasn’t until I went to the Art Court at Fabrica Aurora that I understood what Mae West was talking about.

So much art, so few buyers.

The art world seems to be a dog eat dog world. Fabric Aurora is jammed back with art to sell.

I even noticed a sale.

I didn’t know that artists had sales and discounts.

Some how that $4500 price tag I saw the the Feria that other day didn’t seem as real as I thought it might be. Looks you can put any price you want on a painting but that doesn’t mean it is going to get sold.

This Art world is turning out to be far more commercial than I thought I was going to be. It never occurred to me that it would hard to sell paintings particularly in San Miguel where so many rich people live.

Look at all the art in this room.

There is so much art in this room that they even have it stacked on the floor.

How can anyone paint that much and be an artist?

Where do they find the time?

Room after room of art, packed to the rafters.

No wonder The Maestro says I have to start doing something.

Okay, today I am going to draw something.

I have my beret, my easel, my pencils, my brushes, my paint, my canvases, my colored paper.

Damn I am going to have to hire someone to carry all that stuff for me.

Yes I need an assistant.

Perhaps I should advertise in Aten¢ion.  Oh good I got the right accent for the c.