I have been having some difficulties getting a live model.

I have asked all my friends if they would pose for me. They all know I am now an artist but not a single friend has agreed to pose. I even offered to put on the heater but it seems people of a certain age are  unwilling to disrobe for a friend no matter how talented an artist he is.  What was I to do?   The Maestro said I had to do live drawings but nothing alive here would pose for me  so I had to look further afield.

Discouraged in San Miguel, I hopped on a bus and headed for Dolores Hidalgo.  I knew good things such as  the Mexican independence movement started there so maybe it would help me become an independent artist.

When I arrived there was a huge Feria like the one at the Instituto Allende but without the attitude and jewelry. Even the presentation was different. These lovely statues caught my eye first.  But I had seen this stuff back home and the Wizard of Morelia told me to use local materials.
Then I found the Frogs of Dolores. I never thought of Frogs as models and wondered how they got them to sit still but there they were. I saw Frog cups, sitting Frogs, laughing Frogs, planting Frogs

I had never seen a Frog in San Miguel.  I have seen lots of dogs but never a Frog.  I never saw a Frog in the market so I knew that Frogs weren’t going to work for me.

Then I saw Bells and Angels.  I think an Angel would be hard to find in San Miguel but I know they are there as people are always talking about Angels  – their special Angels and I have seen Angel cards but I have never seen an Angel.  Then I thought Bells don’t move and you can get Bells in San Miguel so I am going to draw Bells.

Armed with a Bell Motif, I headed back to the bus. But before I did, I turned into a little shop that was inside a building. I know my Angel was directing me there because when I got inside I found the Drawing Subject Wall.  I have seen this Man that is so many of these pictures before.  I asked the owner who it was and he said Haysuse.  I asked if Haysuse lived in Dolores and the owner said Haysuse lives everywhere.  Well that wasn’t much help in locating him. 

Then I saw Pope John Paul II but I knew he was dead, so I focussed on the lady.  I had seen her on shopping bags but the owner said she was from Mexico City.  Back to the bells.

I hope the Wizard of Morelia will be happy with this choice.  I will buy a very big and heavy Bell because I will suffer carrying it home .

I am going to need that assistant.