I have been using the wrong word to describe clothing choices in San Miguel.
When I use the word Cape, I always think of my childhood hero Superman.

I know Supergirl wore a cape but when I googled Wonder Woman I could find no picture of her in a Cape.

There don’t appear to be any Super Heroines who wore Capes.

More googling revealed that the correct word was Cloak.

Cloaks are a staple garment in the fantasy genre due to the popularity of medieval settings, although fantasy cloak designs normally have more resemblance to 18th- or 19th-century cloaks rather than medieval ones. They are also usually associated with witches, wizards and vampires; the best-known stage version of Dracula, which first made actor Bela Lugosi prominent, featured him wearing it so that his exit through a trap door concealed on the stage could seem sudden. When Lugosi reprised his role as Dracula for the 1931 Universal Studios motion picture version of the play, he retained the cloak as part of his outfit, which made such a strong impression that cloaks came to be equated with “Count” Vladislav Dracula in nearly all non-historical media depictions of him.

Fantasy cloaks are often magical. For example, they may grant the person wearing it invisibility as in the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. Alternatively, they may reflect magical projectiles, as the “cloak of magic resistance” in NetHack.

Figuratively, a cloak may be anything that disguises or conceals something. In many science fiction worlds such as Star Trek, there are cloaking devices, which provide a way to avoid detection.

Because they keep a person hidden, the phrase cloak and dagger has come to refer to espionage and secretive crimes: it suggests murder from hidden sources. “Cloak and dagger” stories are thus mystery, detective, and crime stories of this atmosphere.

Now I understood. The word Magical Properties is so San Miguel. This woman doesn’t think anyone can see her. She thinks she is invisible.

All along I had thought that these women wanted to be seen and now I realize they think they are invisible.

Too bad the rest of us don’t share her belief system