The moment you arrive in San Miguel you are faced with a decision – a decision that can change your life.

Do I or Don’t I

You can only fight the Magic so long before it drawns you in.

She waits in the doorway, pondering all the decisions she has made in life and all the disappointments that have led to her standing in the portico watching.

  • Flashback to her first and second marriages and how they fell apart even though she had done everything for him.
  • Flashback to her children who don’t call often enough.
  • Flashback to her girlfriends saying why not spend a week in San Miguel.
  • Flashback to Happy Hour at Harry’s and drinking a bit too much.

Suddenly she sees a Gang Member. Perhaps the Rug catches her eye or the parasol or the small dog on a leash.
She knows in that instant she must either move into the Magic or away from it.

Such is the Magic in San Miguel. It catches you unaware as you simply stand and watch life pass by.

There are many doorways in San Miguel and many single women looking for Magic.