I learned a wonderful word last night Plein Air. I am not sure of the spelling as I think the person had had too much to drink and slurred but it means Painting Outside.

Imagine my thrill when I realized I could paint outside and be seen.

There are so many opportunties in San Miguel to do Plein Air.

This is so much better than my studio as I am outside. I can talk to people such as this man is doing and get a coffee whenever I want.

The problem is what to paint and that is quite a challenge for me as I haven’t painting yet. I am still drawing. My problem is what to do with Gwen. I sent her out yesterday to do some sketches so that I have something to put on my easel.

I realized that you have to get up early for Plein Air and stake out your place as Plein Air is quite popular and the best places get taken early.

So I sent Gwen out to set up and stake out my place. All I wanted was maximum view of me.

My first problem was Wind. I need some clips as my art kept blowing all over the Jardin and people would pick it up and throw it in the trash. Now I know why you sign your work so that people can bring it back to you and not think it is waste.

There’s something about seeing an artist at work that makes people extremely inquisitive, more likely to talk to a stranger, and prone to giving wanted opinions. This was an absolute bonus and so many people wanted to talk to me that there wasn’t a moment in which I could draw.

A whole day talking about art. I am going to have to research this Plein Air thing some more as I like it.