Being an artist means acquiring Artist Friends so I took a Trip to Patzcuaro with The Author.

When Barbara Kingsolver came to town, every Author in town came out to greet her.

You knew which one were the Authors by the way they dressed. Dressing like an Author made it so much easier for Barbara Kingsolver to identify like spirits although she might have also been able to identify which ones to avoid too.

The others were just Listeners and didn’t dress like Authors.

I did not go to Patzcuaro alone. I went with the Professor, the Jock and the Author.

I spent a lot of time with the Author as she was the only Artist there.

I watched her very carefully as I am still training to be an Artist and I thought I could pick up some points on Being an Artist.

Here she is in the hotel. Such style she had that I had to buy that rug things she was wearing but a manly one. The saleslady helped me by saying “No es Gay” and I felt much better buying it.