My trip to Patzcuaro with the Author, the Jock and the Professor put me on a new learning curve.

We couldn’t find any Art Galleries in Patzcuaro.

At first, we thought there might not be any Artists there, but everyone talks about Patzcuaro in San Miguel so we knew a few must have drifted there.

Then we found that the Art appears to be in the Mercado without fanfare and signs.

Here the Author found a wonderful sculpture with no name nor attributed to any Artist.  There it was, just sitting on a clever wooden crate among the fruits and vegetables. How brilliant was that?

The artists in Patzcuaro are so subtle and not in your face like they are in San Miguel.

We were going to buy it but the Professor’s car is too small and it was a big piece.

I think I will have Gwen draw it.