The Author, The Jock and The Professor like Art.

There is a library in Patzcuaro that has a big picture in it. The door was open and The Author, The Jock and The Professor ran in to see it.

The Professor knew all about it but I found a little picture that numbered each part of the picture with an explanation of what was going on. I studied it for a minute and joined them.

I told them all about Section 32.
It is about the Expat Lady from San Miguel coming to Patzcuaro to buy Folk Art.

Here she is asking the Local Priest if he knows a good place to buy Folk Art cheap.

But he answers her in Spanish so she doesn’t understand.

She does, however, see the sign with the word Utopia and spends the next few days looking for a Folk Art Shop called  Utopia in Patzcuaro.

She does not find Utopia until she is back in San Miguel

The Professor didn’t like my interpretation. He said something about historical inaccuracy.