There are times when the Magic of San Miguel hits you in the face or in this case the eye.

Into the Jardin today, came this little dressed creature.

It was not on its own. It was being led.

The owner is I think one of the most fascinating women in San Miguel. 

Her outfit was over the top and in such a good way.  She dressed her dog to match.  I could not take my eyes off this scene. 

There is something truly magical about someone who fully embraced magic with no pretence.

I have always been fascinated by Fellini and his movie 8 1/2.   One of may favourite stories of San Miguel is sitting by the Train Station under a blue plastic tarp on a white plastic chair eating Pork Tortas with my friend.  My friend  lives here, and said

Is this amazing?

I looked around, thought of my life in Toronto and at that moment a flat-bed truck from the Circus came around the corner with a tiger and a camel in a cage on the flat-bed.

I said

This is like a Fellini movie.

I want to live in a Fellini movie and not in some suburban, all neat and tidy life.  I love Mad Men because it shows the darkness that existed in that nice and tidy life I grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s. 

This little dressed creature is what make life in San Miguel interesting and when I went on Facebook today, here this woman was suggested as a friend.  More Magic?