Mary always struggles with the issue many parents do about whether or not to take the children to a restaurant.

There are few children in San Miguel and she always gets looks when she brings the children anywhere semi adults hang out.

While they are finished with child rearing, Mary in the later part of her life is just beginning her long long years of child rearing.

The children because they came from a food experience, they seem to be attracted to anything that might have come from a bakery.

These muffins under the Eggs Benedict were especially tempting to them.

Up they hopped and nestled by the muffins.

Mary knew people were looking at her and her inability to control the children’s desire to not only play with food but to be with food.
She finds the Jardin better for the children as the food is less accessible.

The children just sit on the iron benches while Mary chats with her friends.

Occasionally they slip away and Mary has to retrieve them and reposition then again.
They love the Parroquia.