Mary is Canadian eh!

She thought it time that she went home with her children and show her family how she was spending her time in Mexico.

The children were very excited as they neared the most famous landmark in Toronto and got their first view of the CN Tower

Mary had to slow the car down as they got closer.

The children huddled on the dashboard.

There are tough seat belt laws in Ontario and in particular for children but Mary’s Mexican born children didn’t care.

They wanted to see the CN Tower and did.

They particularly enjoyed the view of the waterfront and the CN Tower as Mary held them firmly in her hand to get a good view.

It is difficult being that small and trying to see things.

Of course, they had to experience Bakery given their birth experience.

Mary left them among the baked goods as she shopped in T and T and the children were covered with crumbs when she returned.

She didn’t stay long in Canada. Her parents didn’t welcome the illegitimate children as grandchildren. The final straw was when her mother put all four children in a box of toys and closed the lid.

Mary couldn’t take this cruelty nor her parents lack of joy in having grandchildren and has returned to San Miguel where the Magic never leaves.