One of my favorite expressions about retirement is Filling the Hours.

I don’t go to the Jardin often to Fill the Hours but I had an hour to fill the other day.

I always sit there with my camera and spotted this woman in a serape sitting on the wall.

I was puzzled why she was sitting that way, dressed like that.

As I stood up to take a better picture I saw Photohubby.

He was directing Photowife for a Photo.
He sort of missed that the Parroquia was behind him but he had some reason to ask Photowife to sit like that.

Perhaps is was some Mexican fantasy he had about Photowife in a serape sitting on a wall.

He was at it for quite a while.

Then he asked her to stand up.
Again I wasn’t sure what this new pose was about but Photowife was a good wife and stood up.
I don’t know what happened next as I had filled the hour and went home.