The San Miguel Sniper Comes to Town

March 29th was Palm Sunday and the  San Miguel Sniper came to town looking for Victims.

You don’t expect to find Snipers on Palm Sunday but she was there.

She brought her Camera and began Sniping.

You know she is a Sniper because most important part of the Procession is of no interest.


No one was safe from the Sniper.

The San Miguel Sniper Looks for Victims

The Sniper first surveyed the Parade Participants.

She is looking for Victims.

She wants to get that First Shot off.


Who can I shoot?

Then she finds a victim.

You can never be sure who she is going to pick out of a crowd to shoot.

Snipers have their own code of behaviour.

Anyone can be a victim of the sniper.

Let's Get this Old Woman

She Crouches.

She ducks down below the crowd.

They have no idea they are about to be shot by a sniper

She gives no warning.

She points her Gun and shoots.


Good - Another Old Woman

One more participant in a Palm Sunday Procession is shot.

An anonymous victim of the San Miguel Sniper


Stop! I'm Shooting

She likes to get in front of the Procession to get that Good Shot in.

No one is safe from the San Miguel Sniper.

No child, no Grandmother, no priest, no nun.

She doesn’t care who she shoots.


The Silent Shot

Imagine the fear you would feel when you look down and see that the Sniper has you in the Cross Hairs.

What can you do?

She is going to shoot you.

She doesn’t care.

She doesn’t ask.

She simply shoots.

The San Miguel Sniper

This is a close up of the San Miguel Sniper.  Please be very careful in San Miguel