Where would you be going dressed like this?

For what event is this attire appropriate?

The Three of Expats from California have dressed up for some occasion.

The Beach Boy, the Pink Lady and the Black Widow are going somewhere together.

Can you guess?; The Beach, a BBQ?

No they are dressed for  The San Miguel Palm Sunday Procession

Popular with tourists as well as locals, the woven palms make a nice souvenir of the events of Holy Week in San Miguel de Allende

At 11 am, a somewhat more polished but perhaps less touching procession leaves the Parroquia. This time, Christ on the donkey is a medium-sized statue borne from the Santa Escuela Church, beside the Parroquia. Christ wears a flowing scarlet robe; the donkey seems to sport a rather bemused smile. Preceded by conchero dancers in their bright regalia and trailing feathers and followed by hundreds of participants waving palm fronds, the procession moves down Calle Correo, turns left into Corregidora, then into San Francisco to circle the Jardín. Amid the sound of drums, trumpets and church bells, it returns to the Parroquia.


Hey Gals, how about joining the Parade instead of just watching it.

We are dressed for it and we got one of those things we can carry.

What fun