Probably the single biggest improvement in theater seating has been the introduction of stadium seating. A conventional theater has a floor that slopes at about 15 degrees. Rows of seats are arranged so that each row is about six to eight inches higher than the row in front of it. Someone sitting in the row in front of you can easily obstruct all or part of your view of the screen. With stadium seating, the rows are arranged on a series of terraces or steps instead of a slope. This design allows each row to sit 12 to 15 inches higher than the row in front of it. It also means that virtually every seat in the theater has an unobstructed view of the screen, even if the theater is packed!

These Expats at the Good Friday Procession found the Stadium Seats in the Jardin.

They also found silly hats too.

Emma Gerston was very smart.

She got up at 6 am to get the best seat in the house. At the last Procession her view and camera shots were fully block and she was reduced to putting the camera in the air and trying to get a good shot it. Yes Emma is a sniper.

When she got home and looked at her pictures she found the best seat in the house.

The best seat in the house was at the gates to the Parroquia.

She could catch with her camera all the highlights.

She was tired after standing there for 6 hours but she knew she would have wonderful pictures.

Here Emma captures a moment from the best seat in the house.

So for every Procession in San Miguel, spend some time trying to find the best seat in the house and get there early.