Semana Santa in San Miguel de Allende Easter in Mexico is a Pageant of Passion and Faith

Almost nowhere in Mexico is Semana Santa recognized with such reverence, tradition and awe as in San Miguel de Allende. Visitors both devout and curious come from all over Mexico (and the world) to experience the intense emotion of these observances of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ.

Despite the crowds, this is not a tourist show. These Holy Week ceremonies are deeply felt statements of faith. Many of the rituals go back centuries. It is a privilege to be allowed to observe them—and even participate if your faith leads you to do so.

Okay after reading the above what clothing decisions would you make?

I know the circus is in town for Semana Santa and perhaps that is the theme for the Leopard Outfit or perhaps this is another shill for the Circus.

The Circus people have been driving all over town in a truck with lions, tigers and monkeys in cages telling us




Perhaps Jill has confused the circus and Easter.

The religious events might wreak havoc with the Magic of San Miguel for some people.