You are going to have to click on the picture to see what came to San Miguel the other day.

This travelling show is put on solely for Mexicans.

A few caged Gringos are paraded around town to build interest in the show. They are yelling at people

What don’t you all speak English?
Where can I get Dijon Mustard?
Help the poor Dogs

Inside the Big Tent is a production of the Glass Menagerie, two Art Installations, a live demonstration of Mexicaning your Casa Up, three hundred Real Estate agents with a deal for you, a booth manned by Democrats abroad asking for your support for Obama, many, many booths manned by the Doing Good Works Gang asking for support for a cause dear to only their heart.

Mexicans love to go and laugh at the Expats who are so earnest..

This for those of you who don’t know how to click on a picture.