It all started with Christopher Columbus and where he thought he was going.

He thought he was going to India so he met Indians, although there appears to be controversy about what he actually wrote – Indios or In Dios and what India was actually called in 1492.

I thought this a silly little dispute because I didn’t think anyone used the I word anymore. It is not politically correct.

Imagine my shock when I arrived in Santa Fe and saw the I word on a Museum.

I went to one of favourite sites on Ethnic Slurs and couldn’t find it there although I did find Injun.

The term Native American is more politically corrected or referring to the Native American by their tribe name is acceptable. In Canada we use the term First Nations or aboriginal.

Here I thought Santa Fe was politically correct and I see the I word.

.Then I saw I word people selling Jewelry.

In fact the whole town is full of I Word Art and the I Word is used all over town.

At least San Miguel doesn’t use the I Word. We refer to the local people as maids and gardeners or as our friends.