A lot of films are made in Toronto with Toronto substituting for New York City. There is a story that to make Toronto look more like New York, the film crew scattered paper and rubbish around a film site and went to lunch. When they came back the city maintenance crews had cleaned up the mess.

Toronto looks clean but Santa Fe is too clean to be real. It has been antiseptized to death.

How can it say it has Mexican Heritage and look like that?
Martha Stewart must have something to do with this.

Look how neat and tidy everything looks.

It is disgusting.

No dogs, no unlicensed vendors, no clothes being sold in a door way, no tortilla vendors cooking over an oil drum.

Santa Fe is too clean to be fun.

How can you shop like this?

What bargain are you going to find?


This is a market

I don’t believe anyone in Santa Fe can have any fun.

How can you have fun if you don’t get dirty or have to dig through things.?