Santa Fe is far more helpful to residents than San Miguel.

I found these signs all over Santa Fe. Below the sign is a little box containing a pamphlet containing an explanation of what is the Wrong Way in Santa Fe.

Suggestions are offered to residents and would be residents of what is considered the Wrong Way in Santa Fe.

My favorite was the Wrong Way stop that talked about Sarah Palin and how she was the Wrong Way.
The idea must have come from those Exercise Stations you see in Parks.

Each stop, has a sign either telling you or showing what you should do at this part of the Exercise Trail.

Now stop and think how helpful these would be in San Miguel sort of like Stations of the Art Walk.

New arrived residents go out the Art Walk area and learn how to be better citizens of San Miguel.

Such as

Exercise 1 – Learning to Say Good Morning in Spanish (also called Say Si all the time)
Exercise 2 – Where not to Live in San Miguel – (also called the Say No to Olimpo)
Exercise 3 – How much Plastic Surgery to Have (also called Say No to Big Lips)

The list is endless.