They are everywhere.

It is impossible to answer the question Which Came First the Art or the Loco.

The Weirdness I have been documenting in San Miguel is everywhere. Here are two Locos  in Santa Fe.

Where there is Art there are Locos.

Where there are Locos there is Art.

This is my 146th day in San Miguel and it is feeling a bit like the TV show LOST.

I am having a bit of a problem understanding why can’t Art and Three Piece Suits go together or a single strand of Pearls and Art.

Why does there have to be Berets, Capes, ripped stockings, multicoloured articles of clothing?

Why do artists have to go over the top?

I am beginning to understand why Catholic and Private Schools have dress codes.

But then I wouldn’t have a blog if Artists didn’t go over the top, would I?
As Emily Litella said “Never Mind”.

Another post to fill the hours.


Post Number Two – Same Picture.

There is a reason for Signs

As a previous post commented, Signs in Santa Fe are there for a reason.

These woman should have read the sign and Stopped Dressing like that.