One of the Art Galleries that Rejected me

I was rejected by every art gallery in San Miguel.

Art owners can be a nasty bunch and if I hear the word talent again I am going hit someone with my number 8 pencil.

It is almost impossible to get a toe hold inside one of these galleries unless you have ‘talent.’

I think that is unfair. Talent is judged by consumers not distributors. If someone buys your art then you have talent. These gallery owners aren’t buying but merely displaying your art.

No matter what I said or did after showing them my portfolio – not a single one would have an opening for me.

Resting Art in Parque Juarez

I was rather discouraged until I looked in Atencion and found under Que Pasa a listing for an Art Show in Parque Juarez.

I got up early and headed to Parque Juarez.

Imagine my delight in seeing Rogue Artists displaying their treasures in Parque Juarez.

One Rogue Artist even had little easels for them.  It was like a little cane to help them.

Propped Art in Parque Juarez

These Rogue Artists didn’t need a Gallery.

They simply used what was available in Parque Juarez to show their talent.

Art was propped up against walls or set on big easels for everyone to see.

There was no Art attitude – just that Rogue Attitude that says I am going to do this no matter what the Art Establishment has to say.

It is like that Helen Reddy song “I am Woman” except this is “I am Artist” – see what I painted.

Stoned Art in Parque Juarez

My favorite was the Rogue Artist who used little tiny stones to prop up the Art.

It was like saying – my Art is Fragile but these Stones will protect it until you buy it.

Or maybe it was part of the Art. I never understand some Art.