The Naming - Sharon and Tony

Reinventing yourself is a long process. It often starts with a name change.

Our names are not really our names but the names our parents choose for us and reflect the lives our parents had or wanted us to have.

Imagine the kind of life being called Amber or Troy would create.

Women for years used to experience name changing. Marriage used to mean a new last name. So many women in San Miguel have already gone through the process of adapting to a new last name and reinventing themselves as a Mrs. But feminism caused some of the magic of a new name to disappear.

Yet there are times when a new first name is a necessary step in becoming a new person..

You may think that a name is just a name and that you can just make it work. Although you can work to bring out the positive qualities in your current names, the restrictive conditions will influence your overall destiny.

This thinking is at the heart of the Name Changing Ceremony in San Miguel. A new name is the beginning of a new life in San Miguel.

Here Edna and Ralph are seated in the Jardin just after receiving their new Names – Sharon and Tony.

Nametags are used to reinforce the new names and remind others of your new name.

These Nametags are worn for one month and at the end of that time, the new name usually sticks.

Welcome to San Miguel Sharon and Tony*.

* Ric, in a comment, has found through careful analysis that Tony is really Terry.