Sharon Shows Tony the Way

Edna and Ralph have already been given new names – Terry and Sharon.

Ralph/Terry is experiencing what is called Name Change Resistance.

Straight men have a difficult life in San Miguel. They never wanted to move there in the first place but retirement disorients straight men. Going from a somebody to a Retired Straight Man with no interests save Golf makes them most vulnerable.

Before they know it, their wives have arranged a vacation in San Miguel and within a few days of arriving the purchase of a new house. Vulnerable and in a fog they find soon themselves at a Naming Ceremony with a new Name.

Sharon`s Stuff

Sharon has adapted very quickly to her new name.

She already has bought her straw hat, a piece of identifying jewelry and a new outfit and color coordinated them.

Ralph/Terry is resisting a straw hat, hiking pants, a leather back pack and a water bottle.

Here Sharon points out what Terry should look like.

There is going to be a fight as Terry is waking up.