Darwin offered the peacock as an example of natural selection. The peacock developed his plumage to attract a suitable peahen. 

Is the same true for humans? 

Are women attracted to a male who struts like a peacock? 

The San Miguel Peacock


For first time I found a San Miguel Peacock

What effect do you think the San Miguel Peacock is going to have? 

Very little because Darwin’s theories don’t work in San Miguel. 

 Natural Selection does not work in San Miguel. 

Men don’t have to do anything here to be selected other than not be going home Tuesday, being straight (some women are flexible on this one) and being single. 

It is the women who have to assume the Peacock Role.  They are trying to get the male to select them. 

Women are the peacocks and hence colorful and men are the peahens and dull.  This blog is full of pictures of the Peacocks of San Miguel and very little of the Peahens of San Miguel. 

 A Google search of peahen images yielded 15,900 results while a search of Peacock 5,390,000 results.