Male clothing decisions are not that demanding. There are simple rules that we learned from our mothers such as
The Belt Rules 

  • Belts and shoes should match; so if you’re wearing black shoes, then you should pair them with a slick black belt, and the same goes for brown.
  • If you’re tucking your shirt into your pants, then you should wear a belt
  • Never wearing a belt and suspenders… at the same time

But the tricky area for many men is socks. 


There appear to be rules that many men were not taught
The Sock Rules 

  • White socks are only for sports
  • Dress shoes require dress socks
  • Match your socks with your pants, not your shoes

Men – did you know these rules? 

If you did then you should easily see what is wrong with the men in these pictures.. 


If you saw nothing wrong, then show the pictures to your wife or girlfriend. She will pick out the mistake quickly and be appalled that you don’t know what was wrong. She might even be a bit upset. No don’t ask her. She would never have let your go outside dressed like that. 

The only conclusion you can draw from these pictures is these men must either be single or on the way to a porn shoot. 

So Single Ladies – a new clue to determine if a man is single. Is he wearing shorts and black socks. Throw in a pair of sandals and you could be in love. 

Look for men in the Black Socks and Shorts Gang


Another Single Man

Yet Another Single Man